In the tradition of Pimp My Ride and Trick My Truck, I decided to
get down and pimp my Blackberry a bit.

Originally I had thought that I wasn't going to mess with the thing.
Keep all the defaults, no additional apps, keep the native Blackberry
screen theme. In other words, mess with it as little as possible.

But that lasted about till the next tide came in. And so when my new
rubberized skin arrived for the phone that was the perfect excuse to
change some things. And so I decided to do a Pop Art, Andy Warhol type

You can see the result above. A bit gaudy, but it wouldn't be Pop Art
if it weren't a bit toward the gaudy side. I might not be finished with
the whole pimping process yet. But for now I'm happy with it. One thing
is for sure, the thing doesn't scream out "Old fart's phone" like a
couple of other ideas I had.

And by the way, I apologize for the quality of the photo. I'm not an
advertising photographer. Or any type of photographer really. And I
also missed the fact that the skin had slipped a bit on the bottom. And
that the screen needed to be wiped off a bit. And the color balance is
off just a tad — the skin is a deeper color than that, more of a wine
red. And of course then there's the glare.

Jeez. Trust me, it looks better in person.