I have been getting perilously low on memory on
my laptop lately. I went through and deleted all
the programs and files that I reasonably thought
I could, but that only lasted so long. As a result
I had no choice but to transfer 24 file folders,
mostly containing images that I got off the internet,
over to the external drive I used when I transferred
files from my desktop.

All that was left to do then was to delete the
files on the laptop to free up some memory. But
before I did that I decided to go through and
cull some photos from the folders for a Junk
Drawer post.

When all you got is lemons you make lemonade, yeah?

A very hot photo of Marguerite Churchill, 1933.

The young Diana Rigg (aka "Mrs. Peel").

Farah Fawcett hanging ten.

Must be with "The Mongrels" biker club.

A curious cat. A little too curious.

No comment.

Don't even ask!

The great bluegrass banjo player Earl Scruggs.

Kirsten Dunst seeing what develops in
Crazy / Beautiful.

Paris Hilton in Dubai.

I think she looks very nice in this one.

In Dubai, Paris is probably considered
to be a poor person.

Marilyn Monroe in the subway.

I love this photo, with the guy turning
in the distance.

Natalie Portman as MM in The Professional.

Natalie again.

(This one for Allan.)

Miranda Richardson.

I love ginger bread!

From a film festival in Seattle.

A Belgian Egyptologist, date unknown.

Temple of Edfu, Egypt, date unknown.

Kangaroos at the pyramids? Sure, why not.

World War One has come and gone. The pyramids
are still there.

A statue of the great geologist Louis Agassiz
fallen off a building at Stanford during the
great earthquake of 1906.

Photographer Ansel Adams and Virginia Best
getting married, 1928.

"I believe in beauty. I believe in stones and
water, air and soil, people and their future and
their fate." (A. Adams)

A beautiful photo by Nina Leen that appeared
in Life magazine in 1949.

As is the custom, we conclude with a sleazy
photo of some actress or celebrity. Here it
is Natalie Portman again, talking on the
phone and…well, jeez, I don't know what
she's doing.