Yesterday was my dog Sasha's first birthday. I invited
Charisse and "the girls" — her dachshunds Annabelle
and Lexie — over for a birthday party. Charisse brought
Sasha a new toy as a present, a Squeaky Chipmunk. She
also brought some 100 percent natural doggie treats
that Sasha didn't like at all. But all the dogs liked
the cheese cubes that I served. You betcha.

We also had party balloons up, which my mom blew
up herself and tied. Then we both put them together
with string and taped them up.

Linda from upstairs gave her a new purple squeaky bone.
Unfortunately, Linda couldn't make it. Me and my mom
gave Sasha a new Sqeaky Piggie to replace the old one
which is on its last days.

The party was scheduled for 3:00. Beforehand I gave
Sasha a good brushing and she was looking very beautiful
and shiny for her party. Charisse and the girls arrived
almost exactly on time. Annabelle mostly just laid on
the couch, whereas Lexie took a liking to Sasha's
old Squeaky Fuzzy Bone and tried her best to rip the
thing apart. As for Sasha she was very excited not to
say manic throughout the event. At one point she did
a little bit of wrestling with Charisse and the rest
of the time just ran around all over the couch and
loveseat with her new Squeaky Chipmunk. Towards the
end we sang Happy Birthday to her.

Dealing with 3 dachshunds is quite the challenge. And
afterward I was exhausted and definitely needed lunch
and then a good nap.

I apologize for the crappy photos. Taking decent
pictures of constantly moving dogs and people really
requires a good DSLR where you can set Shutter Priority
to a fast shutter. So pretty much all the pictures are
blurry. And in fact the only one that didn't come out
blurry, by sheer coincidence, was one that I took with
my cell phone camera.

It's hard to believe my little girl is 1 year old
already. It seems like only yesterday I was taking
her home, so tiny and hugging my shoulder.

The only halfway decent picture of Sasha I got
on her birthday, taken just before the party.

Charisse and Annabelle.


The birthday presents, l. to r.,
Squeaky Chipmunk, Purple Bone, and
Squeaky Piggie #3.