Yesterday Richard (musickna) and his wife Ruth and their son David
came into town for a visit.

In person, Richard turned out to be the same intelligent, creative,
funny, and charming person that he comes across on his blog as being.
And Ruth and I had a couple of conversations together, including one
on 19th century British literature. At the end of that I was happy to
find all three of us found ourselves in agreement about the quality
of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's work. During our brief time together we
also managed to touch on Indian food, cricket, depersonalization in
the fast food industry, computer hardware and software, issues dealing
with putting one's work out on the net, health care, Ruth's canoeing
incident, Greenland, British explorers, town fires in St. Louis and
Spokane, local insects or the lack thereof, as well as some speculation
about a mysterious artifact we discovered lying on the stairs leading
down to the Falls — the opinion being that it was a piece of a broken
cup or perhaps a piece of some children's toy. And I'm sure we talked
about a few other things too which I don't remember.

I would like to thank Richard and Ruth for extending their trip a
little farther Westward than they originally intended in order to hit
Spokane and visit me. I would also like to thank them for lunch at
D'Lish Hamburgers, and also for their kind patience as I made my
way back up from the Falls.

It was a great time.