I was lying in bed last night thinking about things that I have heard
said over the past years about the war in Vietnam and what actually
ended it. My own ideas about the vectors that were involved in ending
the war tend to be much different than most. And so with this bee in my
bonnet I considered doing a post on the topic to present my ideas on
the matter and hopefully present them in a cogent type way.

But then I thought, nah, I'm not gonna do that. Instead I'm going to
talk about the planet Jupiter.

Last week watching 2010 had got me to thinking about the planet.
Specifically, I wondered about its make up, its constitution if you
will. I had known since grade school that Jupiter had a gaseous
atmosphere. But what I was wondering was what laid under that
atmosphere, or even if it was not constituted entirely of gas.

As it turns out the top layer of Jupiter is a rather heterogenous mix
of things, mostly hydrogen gas. Under that, where conditions are
colder, is a layer of hydrogen liguid. And then at the core, where it
gets colder still, you have solid hydrogen.

I don't know about Vietnam. But I think I've got the whole Jupiter
slash Hydrogen thing down now.

The three layers of Jupiter — gas (yellow/blue),
liquid (grey), solid (brown).