Models of Deal or No Deal.

This is a little game based up the popular
American television show "Deal or No Deal."

To play the game, write down the numbers
#1 through #10 in a column on a sheet of
paper or a note card or whatever.

Then go to the list of Prizes below and
pick one of them. It doesn't make any
difference which one you choose, just
whatever one you want. Click on the Prize
to see what it is. Then write down the
Prize letter ("Prize C", etc) as #1 on
your list.

Repeat this process until you reach #10.
Be sure to not repeat Prizes — the list
is to remind you of what you've picked
and what you haven't.

Whatever Prize you pick as #10 will be
your actual prize for the game.

If your #10 pick is a meercat, then you
also win the Grand Prize given in the link
in the Comments section.

Good luck!

(And no cheating with pop-ups!)

Prize A.

Prize B.

Prize C.

Prize D.

Prize E.

Prize F.

Prize G.

Prize H.

Prize I.

Prize J.