Dr. Al Rossi, D.V.M.

Hi, I'm Al Rossi, owner of Al's Pet Garage.

Does your pet need servicing? It is important for both your pet and for
your own peace of mind to give them the very best servicing available.

At Al's we cover a full range of pet-fix issues including but not limited
to rabies shots and other boosters, de-worming, nail trimming, and the
routine maintenance to keep your little Spot or Felix running in peak shape.
And we'll give your pet the best spading or neutering they've ever had.

It makes no difference what make or model your pet is, we here at Al's
can deal with the problem. Does Rover have canine parvo? Forgettaboudit!
We'll fix hin up good as new. Did your toucan bust its beak? At Al's we
have the finest beak-work specialists in the Pacific Northwest.

And now that Summer is here it's the perfect time to bring your pet in
for a lookover as we are offering a flea bath and grooming AT NO EXTRA
CHARGE with every visit.

So come in to Al's. Call for an appointment today.