Spokane has been experiencing some real heat these past few days. As
such I have been spending most of my time back in the bedroom where
there is at least some relief by way of the small (yet old and not very
efficient) air conditioner. Even so it's been about 95 degrees in the
bedroom at the hottest part of the day. Wheras to feel physically fit
and maximize breathing these days I need about 55 degrees. I'll let you
do the math.

As for the living room where my desk is, it's just on fire. It has now
gotten so that it is useless to turn on my laptop, as I have to turn it
off about 45 minutes later due to overheating. The past week I've been
doing quick hit-and-run posts on the laptop, most of which have been
written back in the bedroom on my phone using Blackberry Notes. This
post is one of them.

I think that it has reached the point where I will have stop posting
in the normal way until the weather cools down. I will still be able to
check out some things on the net via the phone — including blog posts
from my fellow Opera bloggers. And I'll be doing Comments too — in fact
I am counting on it as it gets pretty boring back in the bedroom. What I
am going to do is post from the phone, "Post Toasties" — just some of my
favorite song lyrics.

I sure as hell hope that it is cooler where any of you may be or, if not,
that you have found a way to beat the heat.

"Stay cool, brothers and sisters." 🙂