Keck Observatory, Hawaii.

I've been noticing lately that there seem to be a good number of
similarities between me and President Barack Obama.

  • Obama has X and Y chromosomes. As it happens, I also have X and Y
  • Obama is a fan of the Chicago White Sox. I also am a fan of the White

  • Obama owns a Blackberry. I own a Blackberry — although my carrier is
    Sprint and not the National Security Agency.
  • Obama has a little girl named Sasha. I have a little girl named Sasha.

  • Obama went to Harvard. I studied with an archaeologist who went to
  • Obama gets e-mail from Scarlett Johansson. I also get e-mail from Miss
    Scarlett — in my dreams.

  • Obama is from Hawaii. My favorite telescope is in Hawaii, the Keck.
  • Obama looks great in his classy suits. I also looked great in my
    classy suit — until it was eaten by moths.

Kinda eerie, isn't it?