The other day I took the cap off a bottle of Amstel Light beer and I
happened to notice some printing on the inside of the cap. It was way
too hot to mess with any crap like that at the time, but I saved the
cap promising myself that I would try to find out more about the cap
when things got cooler.

Well, today it is cooler. And being able to spend some time on the
laptop I got on the internet and started researching the whole bottle
cap issue. My initial thought was that the printing was perhaps some
sort of code they use from the factory in case they have to recall any
of the lots of beer for some reason.

I also thought it might be for some sort of contest. On the Amstel
America site it does seem they have some sort of promotion going on
where you use the info on the cap to register for a trip for 3 to
Amsterdam. So I went through the motions and entered the contest.
The number they used as an example on the site didn't look anything
like the letters and numbers on my own cap. So I'm wondering if I am
even officially registered at all — perhaps the printing on my own
cap does indeed have some other purpose than the contest.

So when it comes right down to it I might have discovered what the
printing on the cap means and I may not have. I'll have to wait and
see — if my cap code didn't fit the codes for the contest there's
a possibility that they will notify me by e-mail.

Well, more on this mesmerizing beer cap issue as the situation

Drinking the beer is of course the
better part of research.