Everything moves slowly, oh so slowly, passes by or sits below me and
bends and waves at me slowly. Now the world above me glows faintly,
darkness turning to light. The darkness frightened me. There was nothing,
nothing except the feel of that which softly flows around me like silk
upon my skin, which flows around what passes by or sits below and bends
and waves with the flow.

It gets brighter above. I am glad the darkness is gone. The wire that
holds my ankle tugs, pulls me down. Then I rise a bit, pulled by the
silken flow, and again the wire tugs. I wish my ankle would be free of
it. I would like to move on, to flow with the silk, to wave goodbye,
goodbye to something, to that below and beside me. They are waving
goodbye to me, but I cannot leave, the wire holds tight.

A shadow moves above me. I think that the darkness has come again,
but it is not the darkness. It is a piece of darkness, a shadow. It goes
past me, turns a bit, and then it stops. Something falls. And another
thing falls. I see two blacknesses and from them each comes a ray of
light. The blacknesses move, the lights move. And suddenly I am hit by
a ray of light. And then another ray of light. The blacknesses move
toward me.

They are black and they wear masks and behind the masks are two eyes.
They turn the rays upon me, come closer. And closer. I am not afraid of
the blacknesses. They mean me no harm. They cover me with rays of
light. They come closer.

One of the blacknesses with eyes behind the mask has a shiny thing, it
is a hand with some shiny thing in it. And suddenly I tremble and I
want to scream. I feel another world upon me. You bitch, the voice
said. And the shiny thing came toward me, and then was pain, like a
fire in my stomach below my nightgown, I leaned forward and smelled
the whiskey, and he grabbed my neck and pushed the shiny thing in me
again, and again the fire. I tried to scream but I could only fall.

He carried me to the car and then there was darkness. And then dim
light and he carried me into a boat, a small green boat on a gray river.
And the boat carried us a ways…. And then he lifted me and I fell
and hit the dim silk, and I sank, and the silk carried me with it. And
then I felt a pull. A wire had grabbed my ankle.

The blackness with the eyes beneath the mask comes closer with the
shiny thing, and I am afraid I am afraid to feel the fire again beneath
my nightgown. But the blackness sinks and then I feel a touch upon my
ankle, a touch as soft as the silk around me. And then my ankle jerks
and the wire is gone, it no longer holds me.

I float up. The blacknesses with the eyes behind the masks float up
with me. Higher, and the light above me becomes brighter, and I am
happy to be free of the wire. I feel that which moves and bends and
waves below me say goodbye, and I say goodbye to them. I rise to the
light, moving faster, and am happy. I rise faster. Happy to at last
be rising.

(photo by Bernd Nies, http://www.nies.ch, modified)