Church of Saint Eustache, Paris.

Continuing on my virtual walking tour of Paris and the 18th century.

The Church of Saint Eustache is located in the old market district of
Les Halles not too far from the Louvre. It is a Gothic style church
with a Medieval ancestry to it. Construction on the church began in
1532 and it was completed in 1640. Which is almost as long as it
takes to erect the typical building here in Spokane.

Composer Jean Philipe Rameau is buried in the church, and there is
a very nice monument to him. Moliere and Cardinal Richelieu were
baptized there, and when Mozart's mother died during their visit to
Paris her funeral mass was said at Saint Eustache.

There is a bust of pianist and composer Franz Liszt in the church. So
far though I have yet to find any direct historical connection between
Liszt and Saint Eustache. Perhaps the bust was simply contributed to
the church as a gift by some benefactor, who knows.

In 1989 Saint Eustache aquired a new organ. With 8000 pipes it is
said to be the largest pipe organ in France. Listening to the organ
on some of the videos on youTube, I can say that it is able to put out
a volume level of truly apocalyptic proportions.

The tomb of Rameau.

The new Van den Heuvel organ.

J.S. Bach, Fugue in G minor.

(Just click on the pic to play the video on youTube.)