My left hand. In all the universe it is unique.
It has a variety of good uses, and a few
questionable uses.

This morning I got to fooling around with the
geotagging feature on my cell phone camera.
When I took the above photo my hand was located
at Latitude 47.65395, Longitude -117.44043 —
according to the geotagging on the photo and the
little Earth-based system we've developed here.
Admittedly, I suppose there is a certain margin
of indeterminacy involved in that Latitude and
Longitude figure.

As to my hand's specific location out in all of this…

…that's a little more problematic.

But it's still unique even so. One of a kind.
So I guess I had better take care of it.

A week or so ago I was up at Deaconess Hospital
getting some lab work done. Since it was hot,
I sought out the shade of a little tree as I was
waiting for the bus back home. Its bark looked
smooth and yet rough at the same time, and here
and there it looked to have little cuts on it
— where those came from I don't know. I know
nothing about trees. There is bark and there
is the stuff under the bark and then there
are leaves, that's the extent of my current

The tree was made up of millions, perhaps
billions of cells. Probably as many cells as
there are stars in our own galaxy. Each cell
with its own chemical pathways that it needs
in order for the cell to function. Each cell in
the tree unique. And the tree itself, like
my hand, unique.

On the universal scale there is Life…and then
there is the opposite…Not Life. I want to be
and hope I am on the side of Life. All of this
is perhaps obvious. Consider it a prayer.