Fred the Fern as of this morning.

My plant, Fred the Fern, is sick.

So I would like to ask peoples' opinions about what to do for him.

The whole thing started about 2 weeks ago. I normally water Fred every
other day. That's about how long it takes for the soil in the pot to go
from moist to dry when I water him. But I spaced out and he went 4 days
without water. When I noticed him again his leaves were wilting and
several of them on the bottom had even fallen off. I watered him again,
and have a couple times since. But his leaves now if anything look even
more wilted.

I call him Fred the Fern, but it was the consensus here on Opera when I
first talked about him that he's not a fern. But there was no printing
tag or stick or whatever when I first got him to give his species or
subspecies, so I can't look him up on the internet.

For purposes of comparison, this is what Fred looked like 6 months ago.

I've actually managed to keep Fred alive for 6 months now. Which is a
new record for me with a plant. I would very much like to save him.

Please help!