I got up this morning not feeling all

that great so I grabbed a good cup of

coffee and just sat on the loveseat for

a while. As I was sitting there it

occurred to me that it didn't really

make much difference whether I was

feeling good or not — after all it's not as

if I had to go to work or repaint the


Which reminded me suddenly of my

days as a kid. Saturday morning was

my favorite day of the week: No school

as on the weekdays, no church like on

Sunday, and best of all cartoons on till

noon. And then it would be lunch time.

Would my mom make grilled cheese

and tomato soup? I sure hoped so. And

some pickle slices with it too perhaps.

I guess it's not so much different for

me now. Except that now it's college

football instead of cartoons. And I think

I'll have a grilled cheese too — if I can

talk my mom into making it for me. :p