"Let's put them kids to work!"

My mom was singing the song "Them Old Cotton Fields
Back Home" this morning to our dog Sasha.

Which seems very weird. My mom was raised in
the Midwest, not the South. And to the best of my
knowledge she has never worked in the cotton fields.
And of course there was the fact that she was singing
the song to a dog.

In any case the cotton fields mentioned in the song
seem to be in Louisiana:

"It was down in Lou'siana,
Just about a mile from Texarkana,
In them old, cotton fields back home."

I had to look up Texarkana. It's in Texas.

And of course we have to throw Arkansas into the mix:

"I was home in Arkansas,
People ask me what you come here for,
In them old, cotton fields back home."

But my favorite line has to be this one:

"It may sound a little funny,
But you didn't make very much money,
In them old, cotton fields back home."

You mean you can't make very much
money picking cotton?

Gee, go figure.