Happy music? I guess I'll find out.

Yesterday I grabbed a bottle of Amstel Light and my smokes and went back
into The Cave to listen to some music. Once I got back there, though, I
had a hard time deciding what music to listen to. I had been listening
to the Chopin nocturnes like hell over the past week. So the last thing
I wanted was more piano music. So I went through my albums. What I
wanted was something not depressing. Something uplifting. And while
there was certainly some music in my stacks that had this affect on me
they were Bach for the most part and on piano. And in any case there's
just something about the formality of Bach that doesn't quite say "let's
party!" As for my popular music any album that I went through had it's
downer side — even the Moby instrumental stuff. And as far as trying to
find anything suitable on youTube, I can't get that back in The Cave

So finally I did something I hadn't done in years — I turned on the
radio. The first station I settled on was a type of Indie rock channel.
But it quickly became apparent that I knew none of the songs or any of
the artists. I had totally lost touch with stuff like that. And that
after a while became depressing in itself.

So I turned the dial and then settled on a Top Country station. While
Bluegrass and Alt Country might be some of the saddest stuff around,
there's something about mainstream country that is more uplifting. Even
though a guy's girlfriend might have run off with another man and even
though his truck won't start, there is a kind of stoicism to it all, as
if to say that yeah things are tough but you'll get through it so why
worry about it — so just write a song about it.

In any case it was apparent that I need some new music in my collection.
I started thinking for some reason about Debussy. I was never a big
Debussy person, but I did know that he wrote a good number of songs for
voice and piano and that maybe there was some of that stuff that would
be good for moods like yesterday. As such I contacted Richard, whose
knowledge when it comes to music is broad and substantial, and asked him
for some suggestions. And he came back with one by Dawn Upshaw that looks
very promising. I also found a few more branching out from that which
look good.

So as soon as I scrape up the money, which will probably be January, I'll
try them. But I wonder if going that route will be worth the expense. How
many times would I really listen to them?

Because you know usually I am quite content with my dark gray skies and
my cold weather. It isn't usually any problem. Even if my girl really did
run away with another guy. And even if my truck — if I had one — probably
wouldn't start either.