I have yet to figure out the reason for the
cow on this box.

Yesterday being Thanksgiving I kind of overdid it a bit on the salt. I
don't know how much salt I consumed yesterday, but I have no doubt that
it was way over the 2000 mg daily maximum stipulated on a Low Sodium

Overdoing it yesterday I thought I would take it easy today and
make sure the 2 meals per day I normally eat were definitely in line
with 2000 mg. The first thing that came to mind was to have Nissin Cup
O' Noodles. I mean, they're basically noodles. Noodles can't be bad for
you, right? Well as it turns out one styrofoam cup of Cup O' Noodles
contains 1110 mg of salt. That's a whopping 52 percent of the daily
total. I suppose the salt comes not from the noodles themselves, but
from the beef bouillon-like soup that is created for the noodles when
you add the boiling water.

So what I decided to do was to have 2 baked potatoes as one of my meals.
Even with a little butter and low-fat sour cream that should only come
in at about 400 mg. Which leaves 1600 for the day — which covers the
noodles. In fact I'll be about 500 shy of the maximum. Which is super
trying to recuperate from yesterday.

It really is all about balance. Having been on the Low Sodium diet for
4 years now I can say that if a person reads the nutritional information
on the labels and does a little planning, then 2000 mg per day isn't
difficult to do.

Incidently, Nissin Cup O' Salt — uh, I mean Cup O' Noodles — has
virtually no cholesterol and little fat. So if you are on the Low
Cholesterol diet or want to loose weight they're very good.