This was one hell of a Ford truck ad,
I have to tell ya.

After years of criticism by consumers that TV advertising is abnormally
loud compared to most programming, a Bill is being considered by the
U.S. Congress which will limit the volume levels on TV commercials.

Yeah, but —

What about all the Americans who WANT their TV volume on ads nice and
loud? Who will then be forced to grab the remote and TURN UP the sound
to get their favorite Budweiser beer commercial cranking at deafening
theater-level decibel levels? Doesn't that infringe on THEIR rights?

Unconstitutional! Tea Party! Grab the rifles!

You know I might be wrong about this, but I was under the impression
that most new televisions had something you could set in the Menu to
equalize the volume. Yeah?

Specifications for RCA 26" LCD HDTV television
Model L26HD41.