Last night I watched Beyond Rangoon (1995). Staring Patricia Arquette,
the movie is set in Burma (Myanmar) and is loosely based upon Aung
San Suu Kyi
and the 8888 Uprising that took place there in 1988.

Since then, pretty much nothing has changed in Burma. The country in
2009 is still ruled by a military junta, and Aung San continues to be
under house arrest.

The movie reminded me somewhat of Salvador (1986), dealing with the
repressive U.S.-backed government in El Salvador in the early 80s (and
the stomping ground of the great photo journalist John Hoagland). And
then of course there was The Year of Living Dangerously (1982) about
Indonesia. And of course the emotionally brutal The Killing Fields (1984)
about the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.

Wasn't it just recently that I was watching something very similar take
place in Nepal? And then of course last June's events in Iran have taken
place again over the past several days.

So what movie are we to see next? Beyond Tehran — ?

It never ends. Evil just seems to be like some sort of virus that there's
no real cure for — it just spreads from place to place. And lest I beat a
horse to death, I'll end this right now.