Cherry Kool-Aid ice cubes.

Back in November I got to thinking about the cherry
ice cubes my mom used to make for us when I was a
kid. They are easy to make. Simply mix a pitcher
of Kool-Aid up and pour the liquid into ice cube
trays. When frozen you put a couple cubes into a
glass and suck on them. When they get a little
softer you can bite off pieces of the cube, with
the result tasting sort of like a slushie.

I've been eating them to cut down on my cigarette
consumption in the evening. Only trouble is, now I
have 2 addictions instead of just one — cigarettes
and cherry ice cubes.

Okay, enough about the ice cubes. A few days ago
Nicolas put up a photo of his refrigerator magnets
on a post, and asked if people would like to show
their 'fridge magnets as well.

So here are mine. The one in the center of Einstein
was given to me by my sister. The one on the right
of a breeching Orca I got on vacation a couple of
years ago while over in the San Juan Islands. The
one at left of the grapes was given to my mom about
a dozen years ago by a woman she knew.

Not very impressive, but that's what I've got.

My refrigerator magnets.