I've had a lot of requests (okay I've had one, from Pam)
for new stuff about my girl Sasha. So here's a photo I
took the other day back in The Cave.

After reading about all the stuff with Heidi Montag,
I got to thinking that Sasha might go to a doggie
plastic surgeon
and have "a little work done" as
well. I think those little hairs at the tip of her
tail could use a good nip. And then there is the
hair on her tummy — she definitely needs hair
removal strips or maybe electrolisis. I was also
thinking that she could get some work done on her
pointy chin, though to be honest I'm not sure if
too much could be done there considering that her
pointy chin is connected to her pointy nose. But
I'll be sure to ask the doggie plastic surgeon
about that anyway.

Oh who am I kidding. I don't have the money for a
doggie plastic surgeon. And even if I did I think
the money would be more wisely spent on a good
doggie psychiatrist for her. And I definitely
need to get her nails clipped.