Another one of these, more photos that I
downloaded but didn't use on the blog.

Sony and Cher, 1966.

Grace Slick, 1970.

Supermodel Lily Cole

Maybe she should put her contact lenses on.

Frieze from St. John's Cathedral, Amsterdam.

A coin imprinted with the likeness of
Marcus Claudius Marcellus (c. 268-208 BCE),
Roman general and consul and hero of the
Gallic War and Second Punic War.

The 2010 U.S. Women's Olympic curling team.

Just in case you were wondering.

The Boise State football team cheerleaders.

I was watching the Fiesta Bowl over New Year
and decided that the Boise State cheerleaders
were hotter than the Texas Christian University
cheerleaders. Just my opinion, of course.

I'll take an Orange Crush, please.

And I might have a Spaten beer, too.

Don't feel guilty, it's okay to have a
good time — even if your roommate is
a zombie.

Pretty much self-explanatory.

This is the strangest calendar I've ever
come across.

It's good to know our airport security people
don't mind a good chihuahua smooch every once
in a while.

Yep. That's what happens when you take to
the dance halls instead of the local ice
cream parlor.

A detective story AND pizza rolls? Hell,
I'd read it.

Wow, I never realized there was such hot
action going on in ancient Egypt!

It is the tradition here to end with some sleazy
photo or another of an actress or celebrity.
Back when I did the first one of these, Junk
Drawer 1, the first one of these photos used
was one of Brittany Murphy. With her recent
death, I thought I would use a Brittany photo
again — it just seemed appropriate. This may
not be sleazy, but it's my favorite photo of her.