Blue Bonnet margarine: Feel the burn.

Went over to the grocery store yesterday. Considering
that I hadn't been out of the apartment in 2 weeks other
than taking out the trash it felt damn good to get out.

I needed some margarine. So I gathered up a handful of
change and went to the grocery across the street. I
walked down an aisle on one side of the store and found
some sticks of Blue Bonnet margarine on sale for $0.89.
Having just a bit of money left I decided to get a can
of cola, the cola being kept on the other side of the

You know, by the time I got to the cola aisle that
little box of margarine felt like it weighed 20
pounds. For a long time now it has been difficult
carrying any real weight — one of the reasons I
gave up my SLR and went to a point and shoot. And
taking a bag of groceries back home is very tough

But carrying a little thing of butter across the
length of a store? That was ridiculous. And I'm
afraid it didn't bode well getting so tired out
like that with so little. Something I'll have to
bring up with Dr. Goldberg when I see him next

Well, I count my blessings. Except for the occasional
angina I am not suffering from any pain. And I have
certainly gained a lot over the past few years in many,
many ways.

The outer world recedes. The inner world amplifies.