Drew Barrymore.[/I}

I hate to be a Blog Hog, but I had such an
amazing dream early this morning that I to
post on it.

I dreamed I was in a car (station wagon) with
Drew Barrymore, Fairuza Balk, and Scarlett
Johansson. Evidently the whole thing had to
do with some type of variety show where we
had all done different skits.

Michael Caine had done one with Fairuza where
he was Sherlock Holmes and Fairuza was Dr.
Watson. I remember being extremely disappointed
that Caine had gotten to do Holmes like that
with Fairuza. I was envious.

But I couldn't really feel too bad inasmuch
as I got to do one with Drew, a scene from
Midsummer Night's Dream. Thinking back to the
scene we had done I remembered that I had
done a pretty decent job of it considering
that I'm not an actor. In particular I thought
back to flower petals raining down on us
during the scene. It was beautiful.

In spite of my obvious emotional connection
to Drew it strangely enough was Fairuza that
I hit it off with best during our trip in the
station wagon. We were playing Don Giovanni
on the sound system, and me and Fairuza had a
good time laughing at the darkly comic sections
of the opera.

I don't remember much about Miss Scarlet. She
was pretty quiet during the trip. And I don't
remember what scene(s) she played on the show.

To be honest, I was disappointed when I woke
up. I don't know who was driving that car, but
if it had been Charon driving me over into
Elysium with Drew and Fairuza and Miss Scarlett,
I would not have been at all unhappy.

Fairuza Balk.

"Poor girl, she's quite demented,
I sorely do lament it!"