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Tony Atlas crushing a skull.

With the demise of the ECW wrestling league on the
SyFy channel (formerly the more sensibly titled Sci-Fi
channel), it looks like a good number of professional
wrestlers will be looking for new jobs.

I think that some wise producer needs to bring back
the old Peplum (i.e. sword and sandle) movies, possibly
starring ECW wrestler Tony Atlas. Can Tony act?
Doesn't make any difference for these kind of
movies. Peter Lupus and Mickey Hargitay couldn't
act either. But he looks the part I think.

Oh I wish I had the money. I would come up with some
cool and crazy stuff, I'll tell ya.

And of course we'd have to throw in a couple
of occasional sidekicks for gladiator Tony.
These two look promising. Although we might
have to drop the glasses considering it's
ancient Rome.

(Photo from Chris Zaluski.)