Hey buddy, watch that pose now, okay?

Well this is of little interest but my night sweat
pants now have a rip in the front and a rip in the
back. For a while I was just all hanging out — even
though I of course tried not to. My mom at one point
sewed the front up, but it ripped a little again.
As for the back, well, let's not talk about that.
Let's just say that I have my robe to put over the

But my robe is another matter. The nice blue robe
that I bought a while back also has a big tear in
it down the side, and I'm always getting my knee
or foot caught in it as I sit on the couch. Not to
mention that these days it looks like a dead opossum
lying by the side of the road — a dead, midnight blue

I of course have had replacing them on my To Do list
for quite some time now. But the few stores I've been
able to hit in the past months only seem to have sweat
pants with legs long enough for a giraffe to fit in.
I swear, they must think that everybody who wears
sweats is 6"5".

The internet is the only real option. I can get two
pairs of sweats from Wal-Mart on-line for only $12.00
that will actually fit me. Trouble is getting myself
to do it, making it a first priority at the beginning
of the month.

Yeah, remind me to do that sometime. In the meantime,
I suppose it's going to all hang out. Which I guess is
perhaps too much information.