2010 Olympic Opening Ceremonies,
Vancouver, B.C.

Last night I watched the Opening Ceremonies of the
2010 Winter Olympics. The ceremony started at 6:00
P.M. Pacific Standard Time if you were actually in
the stadium watching it. It was broadcast real-time
for locations on Eastern Standard Time (9:00) and
Central Standard Time (8:00).

But people on Mountain Standard Time and Pacific
Standard Time got the tape-delay broadcast, which
in both those time zones was shown at 8:00 local

So ironically, even though the Opening Ceremonies
began at 6:00 P.M., we didn't see them here in
Washington State until 2 hours later even though
we are in the same time zone as Vancouver, B.C.
and are just a few miles south.

That's technological culture for you.

One more note. They kept saying that the Opening
would have a long way to go to equal what China
did for the Summer games. I thought what Canada
did blew the Summer games out of the water. Snow,
the aurora borealis, ice flows breaking apart to
reveal Orcas and salmon — It was a beautiful

Great job, Canada!

Good neighbors. Same time zone.