Take a look at the goldfish in the above photo. To the casual observer
they may appear healthy, even happy. But in fact these fish are
suffering from a terrible neurosis — Obsessive Compulsive Disorder,
otherwise known as OCD.

Suffering from the effects of OCD these fish do little but swim all day
long. Back and forth, back and forth. It is sad to see it.

And yet there is hope. Modern veterinary medicine can relieve their
suffering. These fish, put on a program of Fish Prozac and the
occasional tap on the side of the tank, can soon lead productive lives

So if your fish or those of someone you know exhibit the signs of OCD,
don't wait. Seek professional help.*

Your fish will thank you for it. Well, kinda.

*Contact your veterinarian if your fish experience stomach upset,
tiredness, anxiety, restlessness, panting, irritability, jaundice,
vomiting, or an unusual lack of appetite while being treated with
Fish Prozac. If your fish is full of eggs or may become full of eggs,
notify your veterinarian. In certain cases suicidal symptoms have
been observed in some fish taking Fish Prozac and they may attempt
to jump out of their tank.