I watched the Vatican mass for Ash Wednesday this
afternoon. Benedict XVI, the cardinals, bishops.
And in their white robes with the black cowls
lots of Dominican friars — the "Hounds of God."

Like a hound, a doberman, certain things for a
long time have shadowed me. But while the hound
is a pursuer it is also a helper. A reminder and
a help to escape the shadows.

And then the Introit to the mass:

Almightly and merciful God
You hate nothing that you have made

I have been too judgmental, too hateful towards
those that I consider to be at fault — liars, the
seemingly brain damaged, scumbags, evil ones.

But while I cannot forgive them, while I cannot
love them, neither do I have to hate them.

I need to let all that go. And I will try.

Perhaps the hound will become my friend.