Well, they are gold after all, so…

I don't why I'm so much into the Olympics this
year. Granted the Winter games were always my
favorite. But I think that maybe these games
are different in that this may very well be
my last Olympics. Not a sad thing, just a

So except for taking a short hour break to
watch 24 Monday night (can't miss that
one) I've had the Olympics on and have been
watching the various events. It has been sort
of a weird games with the varying weather and
the postponements and such and it has made
finding out the updated schedules a little
tricky. But things seem to be settling down
now and barring any future increase in
temperature things should go smoothly.

I was also very much pissed off at the judging
of the ice skating. I might not be an expert
but I have watched skating for 20 years and
I think I know good from bad. And for the most
part I have to give these judges a "What the
hell were they thinking?" rating. And I'm not
the only one to say that, a few commentators on
NBC have said similar. I briefly considered not
watching any more of the ice skating because of
the judging issues. But now I have decided to
push on — more out of curiosity than anything

Lindsey Vonn.

Lindsey Vonn overcame a serious injury to win
gold in the Women's Downhill skiing event.

The treacherous run was described by one person
as being like "skiing over corrugated steel."
And in fact 7 women crashed on the run.

After her run and very emotional about her win,
they showed Lindsey getting together with her
husband in a very intimate moment. But instead
of showing a few seconds of it, somebody decided
to keep the cameras on them for something like
2 solid minutes. It was like watching an episode
of The Bachelor, and was frankly embarrassing.

Shaun White.

Shaun White pretty much blew all competitors
off of the snow winning the Men's Pipe snow
board event.

You know, those crazy snow boarders are the
only athletes in the games who I think would
actually eat the McDonald's chicken nuggets
they keep adversing as being the "food of
Olympic athletes." Throw in some Doritos,
an assortment of energy drinks and a few
pizzas, and those guys are good to go.

Shani Davis.

Shani Davis once again joined the list of
Olympian gods winning gold in the Men's
1000 meter speed skating event.

So, what is worth more? A gold medallion,
or a pair of silver skates?