I was checking out the schedule of events for the
Martin Woldson Theater here in Spokane today, and
I ran across a promo for a free Phillip Glass album
from Amazon.com. Thinking of course it was too good
to be true I decided to check out.

But it is in fact true. You do have to jump through
some hoops of course, that's only to be expected.
You have to download the Amazon downloader, for
one thing. Don't worry, it's not as proprietary as
the iTunes bullshit and won't take control of your
computer. In fact the downloaded tracks are true
MP3 and can be played in whatever media player
you are using.

Check it out!

And by the way, they have a good number of albums
for free download. So if you don't like Glass there
might be something else to your liking. I also
downloaded an album of early music from the Naxos
label and one called I Love the 80s (1880s).