Aksel Svindal.

On a run that might have been even more suicidal
(seemingly) than the Women's Downhill on Wednesday
(15 skiers crashed), Norwegian Aksel Svindal managed
an impressive run yesterday in the men's Super-G
downhill that put him on top for the Gold at the end
of the day.

"You have to be born on top of a mountain to be able
to ski" Svindal told a journalist.

Uh, okay.

Americans Bode Miller and Andy Weibrecht took Silver
and Bronze, respectively.

Too fast! Jon Montgomery rides the Skeleton.

In a sport I wouldn't try if you paid me a million
dollars, Jon Montgomery of Canada and Amy Williams
of Great Britain took Gold in the Men's and Women's

I don't have any problems with the luge, but the
skeleton scares the hell out of me. I think it's
the whole head-first aspect of it.

Montgomery's win gave Canada its 4th Gold medal of
the games. And of course all our Canuk friends were
quite ecstatic.

Some might consider me unpatriotic, but I don't
necessarily root for the Americans. What I want
to see is the best competition possible and then,
whoever manages to emerge from the fray, that person
or team gets my admiration. I suppose that's why
I hate it when I see crashes during an event. I
want to see everyone succeed. To me it is more
significant if an American emerges on top overcoming
stiff competition than if they simply win almost
by default. And all of this rather nationalistic
bullshit they constantly talk about in terms of
the "medal count" I personally think is juvenile.

As for these posts, they are biased toward America
only to the extent that NBC ( the network here which
is broadcasting them) is biased. My main go-to place
as far as all this though has been the Vancouver
Official Olympics site

You know it's interesting, but in the Olympics
we are once again talking about boundaries and
borders. We are stuck in the past. But the average
internet user or blogger is used to thinking with-
out boundaries. Not that some walls do not still
exist in certain places/countries. But overall
in cyberspace we are really all in the "same
neighborhood" as our friend Allan here on this
site used to say. We might disagree. But we are
somehow on the same team.

Could there be a new type of Olympics? One that
goes beyond those borders to simply put competitor
against competitor as the individuals they are? I doubt
it. That's just too much Star Trek: Next Generation.
But who knows.

That being said, if the Americans win that is
certainly great. I do in fact have a certain
affinity for Americans. Somewhat.

Well other than those I spent most of the night
watching the ice dancing, which has not concluded
yet so I'll cover that one later. So I think I will
just end here with this.

Ice dancers Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin compete
in the Compulsory round of the Ice Dancing event. They
were top of the heap at the end of Friday night. The
medals will be decided on Monday night (Feb. 22nd).