I'm scheduled to turn back on at 11:00. I just
hope I didn't pee my pants.

The new Capresso coffee maker I bought about a year ago has a feature
that I didn't have on my old, cheap coffee makers. It has a clock feature
which keeps track of time and which, if you want, and if you already have
the coffee and water in the machine, will automatically start making your
coffee at a certain time of day — such as just before you get up in the
morning. I'm sure most people are familiar by now with such systems.

The automatic system makes little difference in my life as I'm not on
any type of fixed schedule anymore. And then there's the power problem
compounding it: I only have one electrical outlet in the kitchen and I
need to "switch applications" (so to speak). As a result every time I
unplug the coffee maker it resets the clock to 12:00 — in the same way
that a VCR/DVD player will reset if unplugged. It's too much of a pain
resetting the clock every day. So I don't bother. I just don't use the
auto feature. The clock still runs when I plug it back in of course, it
just doesn't tell the right time.

The other day I was thinking how nice it would be to turn myself on and
off in a similar manner. For example, if it was two days before payday
and I was totally broke and out of Pepsi and cigarettes, and didn't have
anything that I really needed to do (which is usually the case), then it
would be nice to be able to turn off my consciousness for a couple of
days and Rip-Van-Winkle my way right through the bad times. And then
of course I would also be able (according to what I am imagining) to
automatically turn my consciousness back on according to some preset.

In fact I think it would be good to link that capability with the coffee
maker. There would be some sort of cable leading from the coffee maker
to my head, or much better would be a wi-fi device, to allow the coffee
maker to turn me off and on. So that 4 hours from now, for example, the
coffee maker would turn me off. And then, at the beginning of next month,
it would automatically turn me back on — after having pre-made the coffee
first of course.

Now I realize there are certain details that would have to be worked out.
Like taking my medications every night or going to the bathroom. And of
course it might be a good idea to make sure the coffee-consciousness
machine wasn't unplugged during down periods.

But I'm sure that there would be some way to work it. I guess that's
something to think about during those times when I would otherwise
rather turn myself off. Like right now.