Sunday wasn't a very interesting day at the Olympics
I didn't think. Many of the events were such that the
winner won't be determined for a good while yet, such
as hockey. In fact I was watching the 3rd round of the
2-man Bobsled event when all of a sudden they broke in
to the coverage to announce that the U.S. had just
beaten Canada in ice hockey. I know hockey has a lot
of fans. But it was only the 1st game in a best-of-
series progression. Couldn't they have waited? Or made
a brief announcement instead of doing a 20 minute update
on the thing? In any case a rather slow Sunday. A kind
of day of rest for many prior to the final push to the
end of the games on Saturday.

Ivica Kostelic, Bode Miller, and Silvan Zurbriggen.
Don't ask me what those green things are, I have
no idea.

After having landed a Silver and a Bronze in earlier
skiing events, Bode Miller of the U.S. finally grabbed
a Gold medal in the Men's Super Combined. Ivica Kostelic
of Croatia took the Silver and Silvan Zurbriggen of
Switzerland took Bronze.

The Super Combined is composed of two parts — a downhill
run and a slalom run.

Andre Lange and Kevin Kuske.

The Germans continued to impress in sledding events
with a win by Andre Lange and Kevin Kuske in the
2-man Bobsled event.

Incidentally, I notice that on the Vancouver Official
site that they consistently call it "bobsleigh" and
"bobsleighing" instead of "bobsled" and "bobsledding."
To me that doesn't sound right. A sleigh is pulled by
an animal such as a horse. A sled is ridden and propelled
by muscle power. Seems to me that it should definitely
be "bobsled." Yet another important matter to bring
up before the I.O.L.C. — the International Olympic
Language Committee.

Sinead and John Kerr.

And last, although the ice dancing won't conclude
till tomorrow night, I thought I would post this
photo given that there seems to be interest in the
event. And also because Sinead Kerr is wearing a
tied bare midriff blouse and really really short
cut-off blue jeans. In fact the pair ranked only
8th at the end of the night. But I had to go with
the cut-off blue jeans.

Canadians Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir were in 1st
place at the end of the night. Tessa Virtue: doesn't
that sound like the name of someone Superman would
have dated? "Superman dumped Lana Lang and took up
with Tessa Virtue."