Maybe my mind was drifting a bit after over a week
of Olympic viewing, but I found myself getting more
cultural yesterday as I watched the various events,
more into side stories.

Ashleigh McIvor.

In the first medal to ever be awarded for the new
event, Canadian Ashleigh McIvor took 1st place in
the Freestyle Ski Cross.

If you haven't seen it, Ski Cross is like a cross
between mogul and a series of low ski-jumps.

Joannie Rochette waiting in the "kiss and
cry" after her performance.

Even though the women's ice skating event won't be
determined until Thursday night (Feb. 25), last night
will be noted for if nothing else the performance of
Joannie Rochette, who's mother had died of a heart
attack only two days prior to last night's competition.
To simply call the moment emotional would be an under-
statement. Even the commentators were silent for something
like a full minute after Rochette's performance, and when
Scott Hamilton finally did comment his voice was broken
and you could tell he was in tears. It was a good reminder
that, sometimes, it is not about a medal — but about
doing one's best in spite of adversity.

"Got gold?" Sure do!
Peggy Fleming in the audience at Vancouver.

Sometime during the Women's skating event the cameras
zoomed in to the audience and showed skater Peggy Fleming
(Gold 1968) and Dorothy Hamill (Gold 1976) sitting together
watching the contest. Also in attendance were Sasha
Cohen (Silver 2006) and Tara Lipinski (Gold 1998) — or
at least the two were in Vancouver and I assume they
would not have missed the Women's Short program.

Personally, if there's one thing that I would think
even sweeter than winning a Gold medal in the Olympics
it would be going to subsequent games and showing the
medal off a bit. When you win the medal you are a victor;
afterward, you are a legend.

I also learned this morning of the accident involving
and Vice-President Joe Biden's motorcade. "It
was a big, huge van. We were thrown really hard and
[former Olympic bobsleder] Vonetta hit her head on the
seat cushion in front of her." Evidently nobody was
seriously hurt, but I'm glad they were taken to the
hospital — echoes of Natasha Richardson come to mind.

"Your gold is so…hard!"
Evan Lysacek and Nastia Liukin at
the Vancouver games.

And in more news which is only slightly pertinent to
the Olympics, now gold-medal ice skater Evan Lysacek
has evidently been involved for a while now with gymnast
Nastia Liukin, winner of Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals
in Beijing 2008.

"Only the brave deserve the fair."