My televised coverage of the 2010 Olympics ends
about 11:30 P.M. PST and sometimes runs over that.
Because of that the posts I am doing here aren't
written and posted until the next day, making me
a day behind. But as I mentioned in another post
I wanted to do these Olympics just to record an
event in my own personal life. So if you want to
get the most recent events in a timely manner you
should go to the official Vancouver site or what-
ever informational source is in your area.

It's been crazy at the Olympics. But to describe
that I'll have to go back to Tuesday night first,
when Netherlands speed skater Sven Kramer, on his
way to almost certain gold in the Men's 10 000 m
race, made an illegal lane change and was disqual-
ified. I imagine that a lot of Heinekens were
consumed in the Netherlands that night, given that
speed skating is pretty much THE sport of that
country, on the news that their golden boy had made
a very stupid error (or rather his coach did —
it was his coach who directed him to change lanes).
But Kramer and his countrymen can at least take
some solace in the Gold medal that Sven won for
the 5000 m race.

And then there was yesterday…

Viktoria Rebensburg of Germany.

Weather conditions Wednesday for the 1st of 2 legs
of the Women's Giant Slalom were terrible, with a
thick fog making visibility tough on the slope.
American Lindsey Vonn, a hopefull for the event,
crashed down the slope and (as it turned out) broke
her thumb. Meanwhile teammate Julia Mancuso, who
had started down prior to Vonn's accident, was
waved off her run by a yellow flag and had to stop
and return to the top and do her leg all over
again. I've never really seen anything like it.
In any case as a result Vonn was out of the Giant
Slalom and probably the Slalom as well.

Then due to weather the remainder of the 1st run
was changed to today (Thursday 25), meaning that
some of the skiers would have to ski twice in one
day. A nerve-wracked Mancuso could at best finish
only 8th.

When the thing finally concluded Viktoria Rebensburg
of Germany came pretty much from out of nowhere to
take the Gold medal.

Martini and Logsch in their sled.

The Women's Bobsled event (yeah I still insist on
using the word "bobsled") was won by Canadians
Kaillie Humphries and Heather Moyse. Canada also
won the Silver, while the American's happily took
the Bronze. But in terms of crazy, the event also
saw a terrible crash by Cathleen Martini and Romy
Logsch of Germany. As the official Vancouver site
describes it, the "German tandem had been on the
brink of the podium after the third run but wobbled
through curve 11 then came too fast out of curve 12
and overturned with Logsch flying out and sliding
down the track as her bob careered towards the line."

I saw the crash and the first thing I noticed was
Logsch's helmet flying out and onto the track — or
at least I hoped it was a helmet. Not to be morbid
or anything but for a second I seriously wondered
if she had somehow been decapitated. As for Martini
she rode the sled on its side practically all the
way to the finish and then was pulled out by medical
aides. Both women suffered injuries but evidently
they were not too serious. It made me nervous just
watching the thing. I can't even imagine how it must
have felt being in that sled.

Well this is a very late post. I had an appointment
today with my cardiologist and he said that every-
thing was pretty much normal, no change in my condi-
tion. But once again he mentioned the T-word —
transplant. So far I have been very negative about
going that route for a lot of reasons that I can't
(or won't) go into here. What we decided to do was
get some preliminary blood work done to determine
whether I am even suitable physically for the
procedure. No use thinking about it if I am going
to be eliminated from consideration anyway. I'll
be going back next week for a routine echocardio-
gram. In any case it was all pretty much good or
at least neutral news. But talking about the ifs
ands or buts of the whole transplant thing made
me want to just get home and eat lunch and take
a nice long nap. And so I did.