Kim Yu-Na.

Last night was the final program in Women's Figure
Skating, the long program. Yu-Na Kim of South Korea
took the Gold, with Mao Asada of Japan and Joannie
Rochette of Canada taking the Silver and Bronze. I
really don't know what the judges were doing in this
one. Kim's program, like her short program, was tech-
nically masterful but lacked any emotion, passion.
Watching Kim skate is about as exciting as watching
someone expertly carve a turkey. They call her the Queen.
More like the Snow Queen if you ask me.

Personally I think that Rachael Flatt and Mao Asaday
should have taken the top two spots — with it being
a coin flip as to who would take the Gold.

As for Joannie Rochette I do admire her courage after
her mother died. And she did skate an excellent short
program. But last night she made several very obvious
errors. And at that level, last night on that ice and
against the competition she was up against, I have no
idea how she finished 3rd.

It seemed to me that Kim was given high points for
being technically wonderful but emotionless. Whereas
Rochette seemed to score high for a rather poor routine
filled with emotion. How can you have it both ways from
the same group of judges? I have no idea. I have come
to miss the old scoring system, where skaters were
judged in two sets of scores — technical and artistic.

And so after the event I returned to the same feeling
of frustration I had after the short program. I think
if I had to do it all over again I would have stuck
with the Alpine skiing, where the only judge is a damn

Alexei Grishin.
And no, the photo isn't upside down.

Alexei Grishin of Belarus won the Men's Aerial skiing
event. I wasn't going to watch the Aerials as it is
really not my type of skiing. But I ended up watching
some anyway. One thing I will say is that the slow-
motion shots of the skiers as they came down doing
their rotations and flips and such were very beautiful
— like something from Koyaanisqatsi. And now I find
myself wanting to watch more of that type skiing. I
guess you're never too old to pick up new things. At
least not if you keep an open mind.

The Canadian Women's Hockey Team.

And oh, Canada won the gold in Women's Hockey.