I have to admit that I sort of goofed off yesterday.
Instead of watching much of the Olympics I drank
a little beer and listened to music — sort of
gearing up for the Spokane Symphony concert tonight.
But things are pretty much winding down in Vancouver
anyway. There aren't that many events left before
the closing ceremonies tomorrow night. But there
is one exception to the winding down thing, a
definite winding up to the coming U.S.-Canada
hockey final on Sunday. Someone on the Vancouver
official site described it as a "border war."
A little bit exaggerated, I think. Last time I
checked there weren't any B.C. mounties invading
Washington State.

In other news, they made an announcement that the
bobsled/luge run will continue to operate after the
games are over. Which is good news for athletes in
the sport given that the run is now the fastest in
the world.

Charles Hamelin.

Charles Hamelin won Canada another Gold by winning
the Men's 500 m Speed Skating event.

Hamelin also gets my vote for being the scruffiest
looking athlete in the games. Before he trimmed
his beard back a little for the finals, you would
have thought he was ready to go wrestle some bears.
Which are not in short supply in British Columbia.

The Swedish Women's Curling Team gets down to
whatever it is you get down to in curling.

Anette Norberg, Cathrine Lindahl, and Anna Le Moine
of Sweden won the Gold in Women's Curling. Ah, the
mysteries of curling!