Got some mail on Saturday from Dr. Icenogle's office, who is the surgeon
I will see on March 8th for some preliminary tests in case I want to go
with the transplant option. I'm supposed to fill out the form and mail
it in or bring it with me on the 8th.

It seems so ironic to me that the single page of paperwork I have to fill
out for a frigging heart transplant is far less than I fill out to get my
Medicare B paid for by Washington State, which runs 6 pages and which
I have to do every 3 months.

In related news, Dr. Goldberg told me when I saw him last Thursday and
he broached again the whole transplant option that I shouldn't be
worried about the cost inasmuch as it would come in some form from
various sources. He didn't say what sources, but what he did say was
"nobody can afford it."

The average cost of a heart transplant in the U.S. is about $788,000.