This is the best stuff ever. Seriously.

Some bottled water that you hear of claims to be
from 'natural springs' or whatever but then turns
out to be bottled from some city's tap water
system. So I read the label carefully on this one.
It is indeed bottled in the Fiji Islands.

Here's what the label says about it…

Fiji water comes from an aquifer deep within
the earth on the islands of Fiji. Bottled at the
source, natural artesian pressure forces the water
through a sealed delivery system free of human
contact. It is never exposed to the environment.
At least, until you unscrew the cap.

I had to laugh at that a bit. There seems to be
some buried subtext in it that says…

Water is pretty good stuff when we humans don't
fuck it up.

Put it in the coldest part of your refrigerator and
you are good to go. My grocery store only carries the
bigger 1 liter bottles of Fiji, which are not convenient
to carry around. So I got a bottle of the smaller 500
ml stuff and pour the water from the big bottles into it.

If you can't get it at your local store, you can get
it on the internet from places like Amazon.com. They
talk about the high cost of the water. But you can get
a 24 bottle case of it from Dr. Soda for what amounts
to $1.17 per bottle. The 1 liter bottles over at my
grocery are $1.99 — even cheaper.

I should mention too that I've never been a bottled water
guy. Spokane tap water is pretty good tasting, so I
normally fill a plastic jug with it and put it in the
refrigerator for a couple of hours. But I've been drinking
a lot more water over the past year. And when I came upon
Fiji water almost by accident and tasted the stuff, I was
an immediate convert. Somehow, you can just taste the
lack of the normal crap that you find in water — even
other bottled waters.

And I didn't know it until I did a bit of research but
evidently the stuff is quite popular in some circles.
Gee, it seems I'm never in the loop!

One of my teachers, Dr. Galm, told us in my Cultural
Ecology class that if the 20th century had been all about
oil, then the 21st century would be all about water and
water sources.

I believe him.

Obama and political leaders giving a round of
applause to their Fiji water delivery person.