The blood-oxygen monitor they had me on at the
hospital. It gave off a very irritating alarm when
my blood-oxygen would fall below a certain level,
such as here.

Today I took the last of the 2 antibiotics that they
sent home with me from the hospital after my recent
bout with pneumonia. It seems very soon to be going off
of them. And I only hope that my doctors didn't screw
up and that I won't suffer a relapse.

Yesterday I sat down and tried to post a short, humorous
video on youTube and the blog here. Trying to convert
from my Blackberry's video format to something standard
like .AVI, I downloaded no less than 3 different conversion
softwares, and got none of them to work. Finally, after
a couple of nerve-wracking hours, I gave up and shut down
the computer entirely. It was at that point that I realized
that not only was my body only back to about 40 percent,
but that my heart wasn't in it anymore either.

I think this was one of those illnesses that a person
just really doesn't come back from. That 40 percent is
I think going to be the normal state of things from here
on out. And at the risk of sounding like Howard Hughes,
I've realized that I need to stay out of crowded public
situations such as malls, bars, and movie theaters. With
my weakened system I just can't risk all the bugs. It's
actually been that way for a long time now but I've been
too stubborn to change my behavior.

Case pending.