Mr. Johnson with his bear.

Jeremiah Johnson, a 48 year old mountain man living in a remote area of
Utah, has now been counted by the 2010 United States Census.

Johnson's mountain cabin was discovered using Google Maps. With no way
to mail a census form to that residence, door-to-door Census pollster
Henry Burke was sent in to get the information.

"It was tough" Burke said afterwards. "I had to fly in to Salt Lake City.
Then I had to rent a jeep and drive the 100 or so miles into the mountains.
From there I had to snowshoe in the last 30 miles. But it was worth it. This
demonstrates the ideals of inclusion that the current Administration stands

Burke described Johnson as being "not unfriendly but a bit distant."

"I asked him if he had seen the new Sherlock Holmes movie. He just said,
'I been to a city once.'"