Yesterday for some reason I got to thinking about
the books of my late adolescence. Many of the books
I read were in the science fiction genre — books by
Heinlein and Clark, etc.

But I also remember a book by Richard Church called
Five Boys in a Cave.

In spite of the somewhat porno movie sounding title,
the book was about five actual boys having an adventure
in an actual cave. It was a very exciting book. And not
too many years later I was to do quite a bit of caving
in southern Indiana.

The seminal book of those years though was C.W. Ceram's
Gods, Graves, and Scholars. Now that one blew my mind.
It was a very exciting book too, in a way much different
than the cave book had been. In fact it stimulated a life-
long interest in archaeology.

I guess you could call it Five Men in a Test Pit.

Well, maybe not.

In any case I had my copy of Ceram for many decades.
And in fact once in 1977, then in college, I had the
book lying by my bed and a girl who was spending the
night with me vomited all over it. Luckily, the book
didn't sustain too much damage.

That's the problem with women — they're always vomiting
all over your books.

Well, maybe not.