My old RCA Colortrack television.


Over the past year or so the picture quality on my old RCA Colortrack II
television has gone downhill. It had become impossible to make out the
box scores on baseball games or other sporting events. And the pop-up
info on particular shows or movies was impossible to read. In fact last
week I spent about a minute trying to read the information on a particular
movie I had come across before I realized that it was written in Spanish.
Not good. And frustrating. But really not surprising given that I bought
the RCA in 1996.

As I've mentioned before it is hard to save money if you are really not
making enough money in the first place. Nevertheless for the past months
I have had hopes of getting a replacement television. It was just a matter
of when. But I didn't think that it would be exactly soon.

Then last week I received an email from Amazon.com announcing an
electronics sale. They had a 15.6" Toshiba LCD television on sale for
only $176 USD. I also noticed that they had a 19" model Toshiba for only
$188 USD, just a few bucks more. Best of all there were no taxes on the
internet for it and it qualified for free shipping. That was really too
good to pass up. I decided that if I couldn't afford that one then I
probably wouldn't be able to afford any other television down the line
either. Luckily I had just caught up with one bill at the beginning of the
month, and I figured that by putting off one other bill until next month
that I could get the thing.

So I did. According to what Amazon said about the free shipping offer it
could take up to 15 days to get delivery. But in fact it arrived via FedEx
in only 5 days.

It's a lot smaller than my old 27" RCA. But I've had many televisions
across the years both large and small, and one thing I've learned is
that it is really a matter of what you get used to. I am sure that in
another month or so the picture size will seem perfectly "normal."

And oh, I can see the baseball games just great now.


As I mentioned the set arrived way ahead of the expected delivery date,
and as such there was no way I was ready for it. Wednesday when it
arrived I took it out of the box and connected all the cables and fired
it up — very curious of course as to how it looked. But at that point
it was on top of the old RCA, and was at too steep of a viewing angle.

So Thursday me and my mom went to work. First I had to make space in
the bottom of my hall closet. Then I took my old computer box and monitor
off of the table by my desk and put it in the closet. With that done I
could use the table for the new television. I pulled a bunch of furniture
out of the way, clearing a path to roll the big and very heavy RCA back
to where the table had been. That gave my mom the opportunity to do some
cleaning in areas in front of the couches that had not seen the light of
day since the Spanish armada invaded England. Once that was taken care of
I moved the table in front of the couches and pushed the furniture back in
place. Then I reconnected all the cords and cables. The television was
ready for viewing.

I'm not used to such labor and in fact neither me or my mom should have
done it. But we did take good breaks occasionally and tried not to push
ourselves too hard.

But what was really odd is that later that afternoon and evening I was
restless as hell — pacing all over the place. I guess that all that unusual
work had raised my endorphins sky high. Go figure that one, me, with
raised endorphins.

It was a good feeling though. And it was a definite psychological boost.
I probably don't want to push it again as hard as I did yesterday. But I
intend to continue to do some work around the house. If I don't get out
of the house much to get exercise, perhaps I can get it at home.

We are going to paint the television table in a week or so. Probably
flat black.

The new little Toshiba 19".