Recently I came across a quote in an old volume of Jung that I was
skimming through. The quote is from Johann Mylius, writing in 1622:

It is more difficult to make a man live again, than to slay him.

The quote came to mind again today as I was visiting my cardiologist,
Dr. Goldberg. As of this date I am now officially 3 years beyond the
average life expectancy for congestive heart failure, at the far right
end of the bell curve. And there is no doubt in my mind that the reason
for that is the expert care of my doctors.

Doctors may spend years, even decades, trying to extend life when faced
with some malady. Sometimes they fail. But often they succeed, to one
degree or another. And even when they fail it is after great effort has
been made towards the patient's care.

They are on the side of Life. Which is seldom an easy undertaking.
Unfortunately not all humans are like that. For motives of ego, simply
because they only care about their own desires and needs, they commit
terrible acts. And it only takes a few seconds to put a gun to someone's
head and pull the trigger.

Perhaps the reason there is such evil in the world is simply because it
is so damn easy.

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