One-Fifth of this image has been cropped by
KREM2 News. Luckily, it wasn't the best part.

Friday night I was stretched out on the couch watching Ghost Whisperer
on the new TV set. I was already in my night sweats and robe and kicking
back, sucking on some cherry Kool-Aid ice cubes and enjoying the show.

But then, 15 or so minutes in, our local KREM2 news station cuts into
the show with what they called "Breaking News." Evidently there was some
guy out in the East Valley who was exhibiting erratic behavior and who
looked like he might have a bomb strapped to his chest. The police had
cleared the area and the bomb squad had been called in.

Well the first thing I thought of when I heard this was that it was most
likely some poor schmuck who was drunk and or off his medication. And
that most likely the "bomb" was an X-box 360 (or whatever) that he
had duct taped to his chest.

KREM2 interrupted Ghost Whisperer twice more during the episode. And
then they interrupted Medium twice. But of course they didn't take the
time they took with the break-ins away from the regularly scheduled
commercials. They took it out of the shows. All in all I missed about 12
out of 50 minutes of Ghost Whisperer and about 6 minutes from Medium.

Now I know that the police responded as they should. You can't afford
not to take that kind of thing seriously. But why KREM2 thought that it
was something so terribly important that they had to interrupt their
regular programing 5 times I just don't understand. There wasn't that
much information available anyway. It was nothing that couldn't have
been covered on the 11:00 PM news. To me, it was just a bunch of TV
reporters trying to feel important by doing the Breaking News thing like

Well as it turns out I was right. It was just as stupid as I had thought.

You know the next time KREM2 breaks into Ghost Whisperer it had better
be because North Korea has just launched a couple of nuclear missiles at
Riverfront Park.

You know, forget that. I don't even want to know that one. Because there
wouldn't be one damn thing I could do about it anyway.