Leatha and Oren Kelso, my grandparents.

"I slept pretty good last night and through the
morning. But then by about afternoon, why I just
tossed and turned."

— A joke often told by my grandfather,
Oren Nelson Kelso.

I never knew my grandfather Kelso. He died 8 months
before I was born. But I've heard plenty of stories
about him. He loved to joke and he loved animals. He
was a road construction worker who at one point helped
to build the Pennsylvania turnpike.

He loved his cigarettes and booze and big, fattening
meals. Which back then was not unusual. Back then such
things were normally considered part of what it was
to live the good life. Little did they know. And it
eventually caught up with him — he died of heart
disease at age 49.

I really think I would have liked him.