Luden's Cherry flavored cough drops. When I was a
kid I used to eat these things like candy.

Smith Brothers also made a cherry cough drop, but
I liked the Luden's slightly better. The cough drops
were one of the few sweets/candies that I ate when
I was a kid.

I got to wondering the other day just what I had
been putting into my body during those years eating
those cough drops. So I looked it up. According to
one source the cherry form of the drops contain pectin.
Other ingredients include "citric acid, soybean oil,
ascorbic acid and corn syrup. Coloring is added with
the dye FD&C red no. 40. Other inactive ingredients
include sucrose, flavors, malic acid, sodium chloride
and sodium acetate."

Well. To the best of my knowledge none of that is
anything that would cause a brain aneurysm or whatever.
So I guess I lucked out.

Sitting on my desk right now is a pack of Western
Family Cool Cherry Eucalyptus cough drops. I've
been using them to cut down on the smoking. But
to be honest, I'm still eating them like candy.