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A dead gray whale found recently on Pugent Sound.

Autopsy of a dead gray whale found on Puget Sound has discovered a large
amount of garbage in the stomach. The garbage was evidently recently
eaten, and included a pair of sweat pants and a golf ball, as well as "20
plastic bags, small towels, surgical gloves, plastic pieces and duct tape."

Biologists say the trash did not seem related to the whale's death and that
in fact the whale appeared to have been better fed than some other whales.

Lucky whale. I guess he must have scored himself some of that delicious
Pacific Trash Vortex before he died. Ummm, good…surgical gloves. They
say that if you close your big whale eyes that they taste a lot like chicken.
Or possibly squid.

And by the way I would just like to say that as much as I need a new pair
of sweat pants to sleep in at night that I think I'll skip getting a pair from
the stomach of a whale. Or from K-Mart.